How Do I Pay For Truck Driving School?

I want to become a truck driver, but since high school I haven't been able to get any money set aside.  Working low paying jobs is getting me nowhere, how can I get on the fast track to securing my future.  I've had enough of this small town, I want to see the country.  Every trucking company I've called in the area won't even talk to me unless I have a year's verifiable experience.  So how can I break into the industry?

You can start your career as early as tomorrow morning.  Many nation wide companies offer free CDL training through accredited Truck Driving Schools all across the country.  Whether you need free CDL training in New York, or if your looking for free CDL training in Alabama.  Go to  They can arrange paid trucking school  in all regions of the country.

There is a commitment that comes with these offers, most require you to maintain employment with them for a full year to cover their investment in your future.  This does have it's disadvantages, as they hold all the cards as to what you'll be doing for the next year, but if no upfront cost CDL training is the only way you can get into the industry, yes you can have a national carrier sponsor your CDL training.

I just got out of the service, I spent the past six years driving convoys for Uncle Sam, but military experience doesn't carry much weight with the real world.   What can I do to get on the highway with a good company?

Many military specialists have found the same issue when they returned to civilian life.  They thought they could automatically continue in the same field.  Sadly the military sold you a bill of goods that isn't true.  There is the GI Bill to fall back on,  you may be able to secure the training you need  with the Government picking up most if not all of the cost.  Just go to their Truck Driving School Recruiter will set you on the path to fulfilling your dream.

Maybe you don't like the idea of having a trucking company you haven't worked for, holding all the strings to your life for the next year. If you can afford to secure your own Certified Truck Driving CDL Training, you will be in control of your destiny right from the start.

There are a number of ways to accomplish this, taking the money from your savings would be the easiest way.  If that's impossible, you may be able to obtain a loan.  Some Commercial Truck Driving Schools have arrangements with financial institutions and can help you secure a loan to cover your schooling.  A click on will line you up with many different ways to finance your schooling.

I'm 45 years old, and have been sitting at the same desk for 20 some years.  Everyday, the same routine, go to the office, and deal with problems all day.  I want to see the country before I'm to old to do it.  Where can I find the money to realize my dream of driving over the road.

Borrowing against a life insurance policy, cashing in a retirement from a previous employer, there are a number of possibilities you may have over looked.  Putting a second mortgage on the house, refinancing the car.  Equity can be found in a number of places to help you secure a loan for Truck Driving School.

If your credit is good and your credit card is empty, you can consider using a credit card to carry the expense of school. Be aware, the interest rates will be substantial, and this should only be explored as somewhat of a last resort.

Family and friends, who else is most interested in your success as a truck driver.  A loan from a member of the family can be the simplest way to finance your future.

One thing is certain, if you really want to do this, and take control of your future, there are many ways to get financial assistance for CDL school.  Click on right now, their recruiter will help you expedite our career onto the fast track.  There is no better time to act then now.

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"I submitted my application online and was approved the very same day. Then only 4 days later I was at CDL school and ready to begin a brand new career as an iver the road truck driver. I can not say enough about the way I was treated throughout the whole process."


Derek James
Little Rock Arkansas
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