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"I submitted my application online and was approved the very same day. Then only 4 days later I was at CDL school and ready to begin a brand new career as an over the road truck driver. I can not say enough about the way I was treated throughout the whole process."


Derek James
Little Rock Arkansas
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You graduated from an accredited Commercial Truck CDL Course ten years ago, after a few years you took a job out of the drivers seat.  Dealing with the stress of a desk job for seven years, the open road is calling stronger then ever.  You kept your  Texas CDL, just incase, but you sure didn’t plan on using it again.   It’s been long enough, you want back on the road, starting tomorrow.

Funny, when you called a couple trucking companies, they recommended you take a refresher CDL course and call them back when you’ve completed the training.  What’s the big deal, a truck is still a truck, you drive it down the road.  That hasn’t changed, or so you may think.

Do Doctors go back to school to get up to speed on new surgical techniques?  Do accountants take extra classes to stay abreast of changes in tax laws.  Just like any other profession, things in the trucking industry have changed over the years.

Improvements to the equipment is one of the more positive changes, trucks are so much nicer today.  Condo sleepers, microwaves, refrigerators, DVD, Television, you can travel in comfort comparable to your own home.  Bigger motors, more power, better fuel economy, less pollution.  Longer service intervals, more reliable, trucks are better than ever and will take you more miles down the road before requiring extensive maintenance. Did you know Log Books have changed, new regulations, different driving time allotments, and there are still moreNothing remains the same forever, if you want to make it through the  first scale house, you better get up to speed on the new Log Book changes.  Communications have been upgraded, computers, satellite tracking, Homeland Security, more Government involvement then ever before.  Being searched for illegal aliens, remember the Highway Patrol doesn’t need probable cause to pull a commercial truck over.  Just the fact your out there is all the reason they need to stop you and go through everything from top to bottom.  changes on the way.

So where can you get a handle on all these changes?  Yep, a CDL refresher course.  Apply right here at and let a  Truck Driving School Recruiter  discuss your options for   refresher courses.  The money will be well spent.    Maybe your last or current driving position never dealt with Hazmat, but now you want to accept a position that will require placards, and special handling techniques for explosives.  There’s a job available driving a gasoline tanker truck, but you’ve never hauled freight that sloshes side to side, wouldn’t it be nice to drive an actual tanker a few times before your committed to this new position.

That high paying job hauling radioactive material came through, but you haven’t a clue as to what the laws are concerning moving such freight.  Now is the time to contact, CDL Refresher Training is the best resource available to learn techniques to keep you out of trouble.  You can pay many hundreds or thousands of dollars in fines and penalties when you go through the weigh station and they jump all over you because your not doing it properly.  The better alternative is invest that money in a CDL Refresher Course, and start off on the right foot as soon as you get back on the road.

Whether your looking for current information to bring you back up to speed after years off the road, or if your transitioning into a new type of freight with regulations your not familiar with.  The best way to prepare for success is to let us connect you with  quality truck driving school to find out the requirements and the cost of refresher courses.