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"I submitted my application online and was approved the very same day. Then only 4 days later I was at CDL school and ready to begin a brand new career as an iver the road truck driver. I can not say enough about the way I was treated throughout the whole process."


Derek James
Little Rock Arkansas
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You may meet the legal requirements of the Federal Government, but you have no established record to get you into the industry.

Where can this experience be acquired?   How can you get the required experience without getting hired as a semi-driver?  Most companies require at least a year of successful over the road experience before they will even consider you to operate their $200,000 truck-trailer combinations.  Loaded with who knows how valuable the cargo might be, the risk is to high to put in the hands of an amateur.

Like most careers worth having, schooling is required.  There is so much more to a career driving semi-trucks then pointing the truck down the road.  Paper work, the dreaded but required aspect of many jobs.  Maintaining proper load manifests and records is mandatory. 

Log Books, keeping up to the minute records of all your time, around the clock, seven days a week.  Remember 8hr days are a thing of the past.  This career will require you to be on the road at all times of the day or night.  There are restrictions as to how long you can drive at a time, even how long you can drive over the period of a week total. 

Learning the rules of the road, what an over sized load is, and what special requirements must be met when hauling them.  Hazardous materials, placarding your load, explosives, toxic chemicals.  These are the types of issues you need to be trained on before you get behind the seat of that 80,000 lb diesel truck and head out on the open road.

You have two choices.  Some companies will provide you with complete training, but there is a huge catch to these programs.  Once you sign on for their schooling, you are committed to that company for a period of at least a year.

That means they control your life completely.  You have no say in what loads you will accept, or what region of the country you want to run in.  You have no say in what truck they assign you too, or how often you’ll get back home.  You don’t even have any say in how many loads you get, and how much money you’ll make.  Get the wrong guy mad at you and that will be one terribly long year out of your life.  If you give up and quit, you will be immediately responsible for the cost of your training. 

To make matters worse, by leaving before you’ve completed your year long commitment won’t meet the requirements of other companies that are looking for a minimum of one year actual over the road experience.   After all that aggravation and expense, your back to square one.

This is why trucking companies look favorably on drivers who have, at their own expense and with their own initiative gone out and secured the proper schooling.

Truck driving school will give you actual over the road driving experience, plus so much more.  Training in all aspects of a truck driving career.  You’ll enter the fleet knowing all the paperwork requirements, how to maintain your logs, and most important how to properly secure your load and be safe on the road.

You’ll be aware of what the Highway Patrol will be looking for when you enter a weigh station.  You’ll be familiar with being pulled over for inspection.  All the combined experience of many trucking instructors will be passed  on to you, giving you the best possible preparation to help you get a good safe start in your new career.  After all the company that hires you wants you to succeed as badly as you do.  Truck driving school is the best way to insure that success will come your way as you head out onto the open highway.
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Article provided by: Curtis Carper
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